Garden & Food Author Ellen Ecker Ogden’s Latest Book “The New Heirloom Garden” is Now Available!

Learn to grow fragrant heirloom flowers, flavorful fruits and the best tasting vegetables with easy to follow garden designs and recipes for cooks who love to garden.

A long time friend, colleague and client, Ellen Ecker Ogden is a leading authority on kitchen garden design, seed saving and heirloom varieties. She is also an accomplished cook and recipe developer. Through her online classes, garden club lectures, books, and newsletter, Ellen shares her knowledge and love for gardening and cooking.

The New Heirloom Garden features 12 historic theme garden designs, 60 recipes, and detailed resources and interviews and outstanding photographs. Get a taste of Ellen’s expertise through this short yet informative video.

Working with Ellen over the years has been a pleasure. We recently updated her website where you can purchase an autographed copy of her new book, arrange for a garden consultation, and sign up for her newsletter, The Art of Growing Food. If you have an interest in gardening and cooking, you’ll find the website full of interesting information.

Ogden’s earthy sensibility is well conveyed in vivid color photographs. Perfect for cooks and gardeners alike, this useful look at vintage varieties puts a fresh shine on an old subject. ” – Publisher’s Weekly. Feb 2021


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