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In addition to working with hospitality, lodging, food, and tourism businesses, Pam enjoys working with small businesses, those with “worthy” purposes that help to make the world a better place in some way. PKC has worked with authors, artists, house painters, woodworkers, family and horse dentists, a goat milk soap maker, an antique dealer, carriage driving trainers, a concert pianist, an electrical contractor, a retail consultant in Arizona, and a kennel that raises rare Japanese hunting dogs in Florida, to name a few.

They all have interesting stories and unique specialties. Potential customers appreciate learning about the principles and people behind a business and discovering what makes it special. This messaging is communicated via their websites, in print materials, through email campaigns, blog posts, and social media. Pam Knights helps to bring those unique attributes into focus through creative messaging, content creation, and compelling visuals. PKC’s team of talented professionals work to produce distinctive print and digital marketing materials and customized Word Press websites.

Small Businesses Make the World a Better Place

Last Time Around Antiques, Collectibles & Refinished Furniture

After outgrowing their downtown Barre store, Terry Culver and his wife Sue Hudson recently moved their flourishing antique business, Last Time Around Antiques, to a larger space in East Barre. It’s exciting to see how much their business has grown since first working with them in 2012 when they opened their shop. PKC recently completed their all-new website. Photo by First Light Studios.

Ellen Ecker Ogden

A leading authority on kitchen gardens, Ellen Ecker Ogden is an author, cooking teacher, lecturer, and kitchen garden designer based in Manchester VT. PKC has helped Ellen over the years with her marketing and recently helped her revise her website at Photo courtesy of Ellen Ecker Ogden.

Akitsu Shikoku Sou

Owners Erik and Anne Entwistle, of Akitsu Shikoku Ken, are dedicated to preserving the Shikoku Ken by raising puppies at their NIPPO registered kennel in Sanibel, Florida and at their farm in NH. A rare and beautiful breed, these primitive hunting dogs were originally bred to hunt deer and boar in remote areas of the Japanese island of Shikoku. Erik Entwistle is also a concert pianist. PKC has created logos, print materials and websites for both of their businesses. Photo courtesy of Akitsu Shikoku Sou.

Green Mountain Hooked Rugs

Stephanie Ashworth Krauss, an expert rug hooker, teacher, and wool dying specialist, owns Green Mountain Hooked Rugs in East Montpelier, VT. As a result of many years of handling their marketing and creating their annual catalog for Green Mountain Rug School, Pam has a become an avid rug hooker and loves the fabric arts! Photo by First Light Studios.

Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery

Painting from a deep respect for the natural world around him, Gary Milek uses egg tempera and gold leaf techniques to recreate New England landscapes. While his artwork is collected throughout the world, Gary creates from his Windsor VT studio. Pam worked with both Gary and his wife Sarah for many years to promote Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery where they sold uncommon perennials and Gary’s paintings and prints. Photo courtesy of Gary Milek.

Traveling Equine Dental Service

Duncan MacPhail of MacPhail Equine Dentistry offers sedation-free whole mouth dental care using modern hand tools to maximize a horse’s health and performance. He travels to Vermont, NH, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to provide equine dental services. Pam has entrusted Duncan with her horses’ teeth for many years now. PKC created the MacPhail Equine Dentistry logo, their print materials and website. Photo by Denlore Photography. 

Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap

A practicing pharmacist and soap maker from Milton, VT, Ellie Mesler, of Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap, handcrafts goat milk soap in small batches using her own recipe, 100% pure ingredients, and organic milk from her small herd of Nigerian goats. PKC created her logo, point of sale materials, and first website. Ellie now sells her soap exclusively through purveyors of handcrafted merchandise. Photo courtesy of Ellie Mesler. 

Sue Hudson and Terry Culver
A big THANK YOU to Pam Knights Communications and ONNA Web Design for their work updating our website. It was a full redesign of the site which included updated copy, layout & photos with responsive design for ease of viewing on PC, laptop, tablet & mobile. Pam and Hillary make a great team, are super easy to work with and made a scary project completely doable and maintainable. The new website showcases photos of our current inventory and has links to our email and Facebook page. Our hope is for the new website to increase sales and help new and existing customers find us at our new location in East Barre, VT.

-Sue Hudson & Terry Culver, Last Time Around Antiques

Building a respected brand takes careful planning and a commitment to marketing over the long term. It entails a well-crafted brand strategy, based on a realistic marketing budget. Pam works with clients to help them define and fine tune their brand identities, and to develop the marketing plans and tools they need to successfully grow their businesses. Find out more, contact Pam today!

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