Email Marketing

One of the Most Cost Effective Direct Marketing Tools Available

The COVID slowdown gave Pam Knights an opportunity to step back, regroup, and refresh the Pam Knights Communications brand; through this website and graphic design work done by longtime friend and PKC project designer Tim Newcomb Studios. Here’s a sneak preview of Pam’s new Mailchimp template header!

Create Personalized Customer Communications

An essential part of a well-integrated marketing plan, email marketing is the single most powerful and measurable marketing tool you can use to engage and connect directly with your customer base. Regular ecampaigns provide a targeted means of connecting, in a personalized way, with customers who opted in to hear from you.

Professionally Designed Ecampaign Templates

A professionally-designed ecampaign template goes a long way in communicating your brand message. Ecampaigns can be used for quick announcements, detailed newsletters, product sales, event promotion, and more. Email marketing is a means of collecting valuable customer data, educating customers about your business in creative ways, and staying top of mind. If you don’t, someone else likely will!

Featured PKC Client Examples

In terms of overall performance research shows email typically produces better conversion rates for most businesses than social media. However a business’s reach is only as good as the quality and extent of their lists. Learn more about the benefits of email marketing and how to get started, contact Pam!

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