Email marketing

 Among the many forms of outreach available today, email marketing can be an important part of a well-integrated marketing communications plan. Email marketing enables a business to market directly to an audience that has opted-in to receive regular updates—making it an effective means of connecting with people who are genuinely interested in their products or services.


For efficiency and compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, it is prudent to use an email management system (such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaigner, etc.) to manage and segment contact lists, send emails to large groups, share them on social networks, and track results. Via a link, recipients can opt-in on a website or Facebook page, or sign up in-store and at events.


For email marketing to be effective over time, it is beneficial for a business to develop a strategic plan to help guide the content, promotional messaging, timing, and frequency of their eNewsletters.  A branded template, compelling subject line and headlines, succinct copy, attractive photos, and a call to action are important components in crafting a successful e-news campaign.


     Pam Knights Communications works with clients to:
divider-footer  Create an email outreach strategy that is part of a
     comprehensive marketing plan; 
divider-footer  Set up an email management account;
divider-footer  Design branded eNewsletter templates that complement
     the look of the business’s website and Facebook pages; 
divider-footer  Develop promotions and offers, messaging and copy
      tailored for the business’s target markets:
divider-footer  Create, execute and track eNewsletter campaigns.

Email Marketing by Pam Knights Communications Email Marketing by Pam Knights Communications Email Marketing by Pam Knights Communications Email Marketing by Pam Knights Communications Email Marketing by Pam Knights Communications
Working with Pam Knights Communications was a great experience for us. PKC was able to provide us with exactly the content we hoped for, and did a tremendous job walking us through how to best make use of our web and email presence to grow and expand our restaurant's potential. All this while working delicately around our own busy and hectic schedules. Recommending PKC's is a no brainer.”

— Wes Hamilton, partner, Three Penny Taproom