Pam Knights Communications offers full service marketing communications to include:

divider-footer  Consulting & Marketing Assessments
divider-footer  Brand Development
divider-footer  Strategic Marketing Plans
divider-footer  Print & Digital Advertising
divider-footer  Distinctive Print Materials
divider-footer  Packaging & Point of Sale
divider-footer  Custom Websites
divider-footer  Search Engine Optimization
divider-footer  Email Marketing
divider-footer  Social Media Set Up & Integration
divider-footer  Blog Development
divider-footer  Program & Event Planning
divider-footer  Public Relations
divider-footer  Workshops


Pam Knights works with a select group of talented graphic designers, artists, illustrators, photographers, web designers, web architects, search engine optimization specialists, and social media experts. The diversity of her creative team allows her to offer a wide range of looks and styles to meet individual client’s needs and budgets. Pam guides and manages the brand development process and all related projects to deliver up-to-date, high-quality services.

You have done a great job for me for which I am grateful. I believe one of your biggest assets is being the head of a marketing team. That includes not only getting the marketing material together and built but teaching me, the client, on how to use the material. Your positive input has been hugely helpful, I believe I have a great venue and vision here and you sharing that with me has been great. ”

— Mike Isham, 5th generation farmer and owner of Isham Family Farm, Williston Vermont’s Community Farm Center and Wedding & Special Events Venue